The Business Development Association is recognized by the following Ministries:
• Ministrul Muncii, Familiei şi Protecţiei Sociale
• Ministrul Agriculturii şi Dezvoltării Rurale
• Ministrul Educaţiei, Cercetării, Tineretului şi Sportului
• Ministrul Economiei, Comertului şi Mediului de Afaceri
• Ministrul Culturii şi Patrimoniului Naţional


National partners:

• Partnership within the Project "Human resource, a valuable investment in Romanian rural tourism", (ID 36694) - ANTREC Romania is a non governmental and apolitical organization, member of the European federation of Rural Tourism - EuroGites. ANTREC was founded in 1994 and after 15 years of existence it counts a number of over 3000 members - owners of tourist and agro tourist boarding houses, craftsmen but also ordinary people, supporters of rural tourism in 1000 locations throughout the country. ANTREC Romania is nationally and internationally recognized as leader in the development of Romanian rural tourism, also in encouraging the ecologic preservation and Romanian traditional culture. ANTREC Romania, by all the actions they initiate at a national level, promotes rural tourism and agro tourism as forms of responsible tourism.

Transnational partners:

• Association of Chartered European Union aims to, among other things, organize events, conferences, seminars on social, economic, political, technical, cultural, management topics which can create an enabling environment for the development and promotion of European ideas.

• Partnership within the Project "Human resource, a valuable investment in Romanian rural tourism", (ID 36694) - Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) is a public institution subordinated to the Ministry of Tourism. GNTO was founded in 1927 and since 1950, has established itself in a state regulatory agency in the tourism sector. GNTO consists of headquarters located in Athens and the departments of regional tourism. The mission of the Greek National Tourism Organization is to organize, develop and promote tourism in Greece by exploiting all the possibilities available at national level. In order to fulfill the mission GNTO:
- Submits proposals to the Government for policy formulation in tourism,
- Implements the policies set out in the Government regarding tourism, falling within its area of competence,
- Draws up and prepares studies and programs related to development and specific and general infrastructure,
- Prepares and implements the program of tourist promotion of Greece within the country and abroad and deals with the development of an active awareness of the tourist,
- Monitors and controls the development of specialized tourism infrastructure,
- Supports public services, local authorities and legal and natural persons in the relevant actions to promote local tourism,
- Prepares and approves relevant programs to promote harmoniously the regions of the country,
- Supervises and ensures quality control to improve the tourism market and tourism products,
- Performs any other activity or action which aims at the organization, development and promotion of tourism.

• Partnership within the Project "Human resource, a valuable investment in Romanian rural tourism", (ID 36694) - ANCE is a nongovernmental, non-profit organization, which was founded in 1996 by a group of Greek experts in the development of international cooperation and technical assistance; up to date they succeeded in creating an extensive network of employees and volunteers regarding the promotion of sustainable development and supporting vulnerable groups in the European Union and developing countries. ANCE collaborates with other NGOs, local development agencies, local authorities, universities and research centers and the private sector in Greece and abroad.