The Business Development Association

Business Development Association aims at, through its essential strategy, the following objectives:
• To cooperate with trade-union organizations, commerce chambers, professional organizations and state administration organisms in order to adopt solutions that serve to the training supplying and support organizations as well as to the beneficiary of these services;
• To organize congresses, symposiums, seminaries and other related activities to the field;
• To edit publications (magazines, booklets and studies) and specific informative materials. BDA provides services foe editing, marketing and broadcasting for the publications AgroTerra and InfoConsulting, as well as for the works under the care of AgroTerra Publishing House; all these are brands registered to the Romanian group for Investments and Consultancy (RGIC) SA;
• To create a European cooperation zone in the field of education and training with goals such as:
a) development of skills and competences, especially of youth in the professional training process al all levels;
b) improvement of quality and access to permanent training concerning the development of the capacity to adapt;
c) promotion of the contribution to professional training to the innovating activity regarding the increase of competitiveness and entrepreneurial spirit. Special emphasis is put on the cooperation between the professional training institutes and companies;
d) the contribution to the promotion of a cultural space for all European nations, characterized by cultural diversity as well as a joint cultural inheritance, aiming at the support of cooperation projects in all artistic and cultural sectors (dramatic art, visual and plastic art, literature, inheritance, etc.), as well as encouraging creativeness and mobility, public access to culture, art and culture dissemination and also intercultural dialog.
e) Developing and increasing business competitiveness;
f) Promoting entrepreneurial spirit;
g) Simplifying and improving the administrative and legislative frame in business
h) Improving the financial environment for the benefit of enterprisers, especially of SMEs
i) Facilitating access to assistance services, to the Unionís programmes and networks and improving the coordination of these facilities.

The beneficiaries of these actions, carried out by Business Development Association, are: small and medium sized enterprises with Romanian mixed or foreign capital; governmental and nongovernmental organisms; other categories of beneficiaries.